Episode 24

Published on:

21st Nov 2023

Sales Strategies For Growth (Week 1)

Ever wondered why customers should choose your product or service over others in a competitive market? Join Tina Sue in this Women Choosing Growth podcast episode as she unravels the secrets to standing out and thriving in the world of sales.

In this episode, Tina Sue kicks off a four-week series on sales, focusing on building a strong sales foundation. She emphasizes the importance of understanding the difference between sales and revenue, clarifying that sales specifically refer to the money collected from a company's products or services. The discussion delves into the fundamental role of sales in business growth, profitability, and the ultimate goal of building a valuable business.

Tina breaks down the four-part series, with today's focus on establishing a robust sales foundation. She explores the sales process, the significance of hitting targets, and the need for strategic planning to ensure sustainable growth. The episode also addresses the challenge of differentiating products and services in a competitive market, highlighting the distinction between a niche and a unique selling proposition (USP). Tina emphasizes that a USP is what sets a business apart from the competition and explores the importance of defining a clear audience or niche.

Ready to elevate your sales game and build a strong foundation for business growth? Tune in to the full episode for valuable insights and actionable strategies.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • Importance of sales in business growth

  • Difference between sales and revenue

  • Four-part series breakdown: foundation, growth strategies, effective techniques, scaling and sustaining

  • Balancing sales with product/service capacity

  • Defining a clear niche and USP

  • Strategies for standing out in a competitive market

  • Building a sustainable path for business growth

  • And so much more!
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