Episode 28

Published on:

19th Dec 2023

Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier | The Resilience Blueprint: Crafting Your Path to Success

Resilience is not an innate character trait. Whether you're a leader, an entrepreneur, a mother, just a human being, you need to implement a strategy that builds and nurtures resilience; you need a resilience plan. 

On today's episode of Women Choosing Growth Podcast, Tina Sue interviews Dr. Marie-Helene Pelletier, an award-winning mental health expert with a Ph.D. and an MBA, and 20 years of experience in clinical and workplace psychology.

During the episode, Dr. M.H. Pelletier shares practical exercises to create a goal-oriented, tailored strategy for protecting mental and physical health, ensuring overall success in the future. She discusses the challenges faced by professionals, especially women, in assuming natural resilience due to their ability to handle more than the average person. Dr. Pelletier challenges this assumption and emphasizes that resilience is a skill that can be intentionally cultivated.

Her upcoming book, "The Resilience Plan," offers a transformative roadmap tailored for successful professionals. In the conversation, she delves into her journey from being a psychologist to a leadership role in various sectors, highlighting the importance of adaptability and seizing opportunities.

The episode covers the integration of Dr. Pelletier's psychological expertise and business acumen, with a focus on maintaining resilience amid diverse demands. She defines resilience as a combination of exercise, protecting sleep and nutrition, spending time with loved ones, and practicing mindfulness through activities like volunteering.

The discussion also addresses proactive resilience-building strategies, emphasizing the significance of creating a plan, assessing internal and external contexts, and implementing small, achievable actions. Dr. Pelletier introduces the concept of three pillars—health, family, and boundaries—and provides actionable examples to support each pillar.

The episode also explores recognizing signs of burnout, connecting with resources, maintaining a growth mindset when experimenting with resilience-building actions and more.. Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The importance of intentional resilience-building.
  • Practical exercises to create a tailored resilience plan.
  • Understanding and challenging assumptions about resilience.
  • The significance of small, achievable actions in resilience building.
  • Recognizing signs of burnout and connecting with resources.
  • The ongoing process of revisiting and evolving the resilience plan.
  • And so much more…



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