Episode 43

Published on:

13th May 2024

Jen Cochrane | Is It Time To Spend Money?

Episode 43 – Jen Cochrane | Is it Time to Spend Money?


In this enlightening episode of the Women Choosing Growth podcast titled "Is it Time to Spend Money?" hosted by Tina Sue and featuring guest speaker Jen Cochrane, co-founder and CEO of Gifted Travel Network, listeners are treated to a deep dive into the intricacies of strategic decision-making in business. Drawing from her extensive experience transitioning from a corporate executive to a leading figure in the travel industry, Jen shares invaluable insights on when to invest and when to exercise caution in spending, particularly focusing on financial planning aligned with broader strategic objectives.

The conversation unfolds organically as Jen dives into the nuances of entrepreneurship, emphasizing the importance of pushing beyond comfort zones to foster growth. She articulates the significance of having a clear vision, coupled with a deliberate and systematic approach to financial planning. Throughout the discussion, Jen offers practical advice and actionable strategies for entrepreneurs navigating the challenges of building and sustaining successful businesses in today's ever-evolving landscape.

As Tina Sue and Jen explore various facets of business growth, from the role of technology in enhancing efficiency to the criticality of hiring and team building, listeners are treated to a wealth of knowledge distilled from Jen's remarkable journey and entrepreneurial acumen. The episode resonates with inspiring anecdotes, insightful reflections, and actionable takeaways, making it a must-listen for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike.

What You'll Learn in this Show:

Jen's remarkable journey from corporate executive to travel industry expert.

The critical role of strategic decision-making in fostering business growth.

Insights on when to invest and when to exercise caution in spending.

Strategies for crafting a financial plan that aligns with strategic goals.

Practical advice for entrepreneurs on building and sustaining successful businesses.

The impact of mindset, risk-taking, and adaptability on entrepreneurial success.


  • "People need to be pushed out of their comfort zone because if you want to keep growing, you have to hire ahead of growth." – Jen Chochrane
  • "Before you invest, start with a big picture and make sure that you're clear on your vision." – Tina Sue
  • "Putting it down on paper usually makes it happen in some way." – Jen Chochrane
  • "Success is freedom, fulfillment, and financial satisfaction; profitability alone is not success." – Jen Chochrane
  • "Technology is essential for efficiency, competitiveness, and risk management in today's business environment." – Jen Chochrane
  • "You don't always have to be the first to market with new technology; sometimes it's better to let it play out and see which one wins over the industry." – Jen Chochrane


Jen Cochrane LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifercochrane/

Gifted Travel Network Website: https://www.giftedtravelnetwork.com/

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