Episode 5

Published on:

30th Jun 2023

Don’t Let Anyone Pee in Your "Business Pool"

Do you remember that hilarious scene in the Grown Ups movie when Kevin James is peeing in a pool and all the water around him turns blue?  And until everyone in the pool is freaking out, and the dark blue water expands around him, he has no idea that was happening?

Unfortunately, in real life, when someone is “peeing in your business pool,” there's no big blue water creeping through and it might take a while until you notice that the environment in the office became toxic and you really need to clean that pool.

In today's episode of the Women Choosing Growth Podcast, Tina Sue is going to talk about this very situation, how you can spot the signs that someone is “peeing in your pool,” and how to fix this problem and restore a healthy culture in your business.

During the episode, Tina is going to share an example from her own experience as a business owner and will talk about how she realised the work environment became toxic for her team and what she did to fix that.

She will explain how the toxicity of one person can spread (like the blue water in the pool) and damage the entire team, how their negative behaviour affects the rest of the group to varying degrees, and what business owners should do to avoid these situations.

Listen and find out what you can do to make sure you don't let anyone pee in your business pool!


What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • What ‘peeing in someone’s business pool’ means.
  • Why peeing in the pool is something that we don't want in our business. 
  • How Tina identified the person who was spreading toxicity among her team.
  • The signs that someone is peeing in your pool.
  • How one toxic employee can damage the entire team.
  • How to clean up your business pool and restore a healthy culture.
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