Episode 19

Published on:

10th Oct 2023

Hope Timberlake | Speaking With Conviction

Are you a woman feeling tired of being unheard?

Do you feel you lack the confidence to communicate effectively in business?

Our expert guests share valuable insights and actionable tips to help women overcome common communication pitfalls in this podcast episode. From overexplaining and using fillers like "um" and "ah" to qualifying your statements, this podcast episode dives deep into the challenges women face.

Our speakers will also provide practical exercises to help women enhance communication skills.

After hearing this podcast, you will:

  • -Learn the art of making powerful statements
  • -Understand how to engage with your audience better
  • -Start conveying your ideas confidently

Don't miss out on this episode that has the potential to transform the way you present yourself in conversations and formal presentations. It's about time you seize the opportunity to hone your speech, showcase the brilliance of your thoughts, and finally apply the secret weapons in effective communication. 

Enjoy listening!

What You Will Learn In The Show:

  • The importance of self-awareness: Recording and reviewing your own communication patterns can reveal areas for improvement.
  • Overcoming communication pitfalls: Practical exercises, such as the "ball toss" and "speak up, dammit," can help you eliminate overexplaining, fillers, and upspeak.
  • Building confidence: Boost your confidence in making bold statements and effectively conveying your ideas to your audience.
  • The power of pauses: Implementing pauses in your speech can make your communication more impactful and engaging.
  • Enhancing communication in various aspects of life: These techniques are not limited to the workplace; they can be applied in personal relationships, with family, friends, and more.

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