Episode 31

Published on:

16th Jan 2024

Mara Smith | Maximizing Your Network For Growth

On today's episode of Women Choosing Growth Podcast, Tina Sue is joined by Mara Smith, a former attorney turned entrepreneur and the founder of Inspiro Tequila. Mara shares her transition from a potential Supreme Court justice to a tequila brand creator. The pivot came during her pregnancy with twins, leading her to step back from her corporate career and eventually venture into the spirits industry. Her journey was driven by a desire to create a clean, gluten-free tequila, catering to women who value health and quality. Mara emphasizes the importance of thorough research and understanding one’s industry, as well as the unexpected learnings and adaptability required in the entrepreneurial path.

Mara and Tina Sue discuss the unique challenges and insights gained in the heavily regulated spirits industry. She highlights the significance of trust in one’s instincts, especially when navigating an industry steeped in tradition and dominated by larger, more established brands. Mara’s approach was to innovate and create a brand that resonated with women, a demographic often overlooked in the tequila market. Her strategy included targeting professional women's organizations for brand promotion, emphasizing the importance of building connections and community.

A key takeaway from Mara's journey is her commitment to social impact, demonstrated by Inspiro Tequila becoming a certified B Corporation. This certification aligns with her mission to support and inspire other women, evident in her efforts to collaborate with women-owned brands and contribute to causes supporting female entrepreneurs. Mara's story is not just about creating a successful business, but also about building a brand with a purpose and contributing positively to the community. Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs highlights the necessity of due diligence, building a supportive community, and staying true to one's values and mission.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • How Mara's initial dream of becoming a Supreme Court justice evolved into founding a unique tequila brand.
  • How to manage significant career changes, especially when life events such as starting a family prompt a shift in professional paths.
  • How Mara tackled the steep learning curve in an unfamiliar industry, and the importance of research, continuous learning, and leveraging resources.
  • Mara' approach to creating a brand that resonates with women, highlighting the importance of understanding and targeting your audience effectively.
  • The power of community and networking in entrepreneurship, especially how connecting with other founders can provide invaluable support and resources.
  • The journey and benefits of becoming a certified B Corp, and how it can align a business with sustainability and social impact goals.
  • The importance of trusting your instincts amidst external advice, especially when innovating and introducing new concepts to the market.
  • The unique approaches to marketing in different industries and the significance of building brand awareness in alignment with your business values.
  • How Mara's journey and her brand aim to inspire and support other women, not just in the spirits industry but across all fields of entrepreneurship.
  • And so much more…


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