Episode 32

Published on:

23rd Jan 2024

Sarah Noel Block | Elevating Your Marketing Game

On today's episode of Women Choosing Growth Podcast, Tina Sue is joined by marketing consultant and strategist Sarah Noel Block to explore effective strategies for amplifying content marketing efforts. Sarah emphasizes the importance of understanding your ideal customer as the foundation of any marketing strategy. She shares valuable insights for small business owners and marketing teams, focusing on how to achieve significant marketing results without expanding staff. Drawing from her experience working with major brands and her passion for aiding smaller businesses, Sarah provides actionable advice on creating impactful marketing strategies with limited resources.

Tina Sue and Sarah discuss the three primary content pillars: core, campaign, and curated content, each catering to different marketing approaches and time investments. Sarah explains the nuances of each pillar, from committing to regular content creation to leveraging existing content in strategic campaigns. She touches on the power of curation for those with minimal time for marketing, suggesting innovative ways to assemble existing content to guide potential customers through their decision-making process. Sarah also introduces a fourth element – collaboration content – as well as the value of partnerships and guest appearances as a means of audience building for those reluctant to generate original content.

They also discuss Sarah's approach with clients at Tiny Marketing. She begins with a strategic spark session to understand a business's unique challenges and goals, followed by quarterly content creation tailored to their needs. She shares practical tips for lead generation and audience engagement, like using analytics to identify successful content and creating compelling lead magnets. Sarah's advice is to focus on one customer, one core content type, one channel, and one outreach strategy, simplifying the process of effective marketing. 

Whether you're a seasoned marketer or new to the field, this episode offers practical advice on managing marketing campaigns, understanding your audience, and crafting content that resonates.

Listen now and enjoy!

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The importance of identifying and understanding your target audience, including their challenges and motivations, to tailor your marketing strategies effectively.
  • The ‘three-pillar’ approach to content marketing, including core, campaign and curated content.
  • Insights into creating compelling lead magnets, leveraging analytics to identify high-traffic content areas, and converting this traffic into leads.
  • The value of collaborations and guest appearances for expanding your business reach, particularly when starting out or working with a limited audience.
  • Strategies for planning and creating content, such as batching and making content creation an engaging and focused event.
  • Sarah's journey from working with major brands like apartments.com and Prudential to focusing on small businesses with small teams, and what this shift means for content marketing strategies.
  • Sarah's 'one by four' strategy - focusing on one customer, one core content, one channel, and one outreach strategy to streamline your marketing efforts.
  • And so much more…


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