Episode 3

Published on:

23rd Jun 2023

The Shocking Truth about Creating Value w/ Your Business

In today's episode of the Women Choosing Growth podcast, Tina dives into the topic of taking your business from successful to significant. She emphasizes the importance of aligning personal, business, and financial goals to create a valuable and transferable company. 

Tina challenges the common notion of focusing solely on growth and profits, urging listeners to prioritize building enterprise value instead. She breaks down the key elements of a significant business, including its value, transferability, readiness, and attractiveness. 

Tina also highlights the need to consider enterprise value from the very beginning, regardless of business size or stage. She explains how unforeseen circumstances can impact a business's future and why being mentally prepared and knowing your business's worth is crucial. 

She shares eye-opening statistics about business exits and highlights the regret many owners face after selling their businesses. She underscores the importance of planning for an exit and building enterprise value to maximize the worth of your business. 

Tina also provides practical tips on evaluating your business's value and offers insights into factors that contribute to enterprise value beyond revenue and profits. She emphasizes the significance of minimizing the owner's role, documenting processes and procedures, diversifying the customer base, maintaining stable staff, offering unique products or services, and more.

She advises listeners to consider personal and industry timing when assessing enterprise value and encourages them to seek guidance from an exit planner or financial advisor. 

Join Tina Sue on this enlightening episode as she helps you understand the power of enterprise value in transforming your business and paving the way for long-term success.

What You’ll Learn in this Show:

  • The elements of a significant company: Valuable, transferable, ready, and attractive.
  • The importance of enterprise value: Thinking about enterprise value from day one.
  • The positive side of enterprise value: Positioning the company for potential partnerships or acquisitions.
  • Why focusing on enterprise value benefits the overall growth and value of the business.
  • And so much more...
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