Episode 39

Published on:

19th Mar 2024

Tina Sue | The 5 Biggest Pitfalls when scaling a business


In this episode of Women Choosing Growth, hosted by Tina Sue, dives into the differences between growth mode and scaling mode for businesses. Tina emphasizes the importance of understanding when to adopt each approach and highlights the key components of each. Growth mode involves linear expansion by replicating existing business models, with resources allocated towards sales, market share, and increasing productivity or service delivery. On the other hand, scaling mode focuses on leveraging technology and systems to exponentially increase productivity, optimize processes, and expand reach beyond geographic limits. 

Tina provides examples to illustrate the differences, such as opening new physical locations in growth mode versus developing an online ordering system in scaling mode. Additionally, she warns about the five biggest pitfalls when in scaling mode, including the lack of a clear strategy, insufficient financial planning, neglecting to invest in talent, overexpansion, and ignoring customer feedback.

Furthermore, Tina stresses the importance of having a clear strategy for scaling, outlining goals, targets, and expansion strategies, and highlights the need for sufficient financial planning to account for expenses before reaping rewards. She also emphasizes the significance of investing in talent and not attempting to scale too quickly, which may lead to instability and jeopardize the business. Tina underscores the value of actively seeking and heeding customer and team member feedback to ensure the maintenance of quality and successful scaling. She offers a free downloadable worksheet to help businesses build their 5 and 10-year plans, encouraging listeners to envision and plan beyond their perceived limits.       

What you’ll learn in this Show:

  • The distinction between growth mode and scaling mode in business development.
  • The five biggest pitfalls encountered by businesses in scaling mode, including the lack of a clear strategy, insufficient financial planning, neglecting to invest in talent, overexpansion, and ignoring customer feedback.
  • The importance of having a clear strategy and well-defined plan for scaling, including outlining goals, expansion strategies, and financial considerations.
  • The significance of understanding the difference between growth in exponential matters versus linear growth, and how resources are allocated differently in each mode.
  • The emphasis on leveraging technology and systems to increase productivity and efficiency in scaling mode, as well as the shift from physical expansion to optimizing and automating processes.
  • The need to invest in top talent and the potential consequences of neglecting to do so in scaling mode.
  • The potential risks of overexpansion and the importance of strategic planning and control in scaling mode.
  • The value of customer and team feedback in ensuring the success and sustainability of scaling efforts


"Expansion is usually linear and involves replicating existing business models. Resources are usually allocated towards sales and market share." – Tina Sue

"Scaling mode emphasizes leveraging technology and systems to increase productivity and efficiency, focusing on exponential growth rather than linear growth." – Tina Sue

"Neglecting to invest appropriately in the right talent can hinder scaling efforts, as it requires people who already possess the necessary skills and experience." – Tina Sue



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